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Next Club Meeting

Safety Harbor



Dec 16,  2017



Safety Harbor, FL


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  of the party after

the parade


2017 BOPC Show 10/28/17 Auburndale FL

2017  BOPC Show


October 28, 2017


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Auburndale, FL


Downtown Park

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2017 All Florida Photo Poker Run
2017 All Florida Photo Poker Run
Your Car…     
1) Next to a Road Closed Sign
2) Next to an Oldsmobile Convertible
3) Next to an Old Gas Pump
4) Next to a Butcher Shop or Meat Market
5) Next to a full Clothes Line
6) Next to a Bolder or Big Rock
7) Next to a Large Dog or Cat
8) With another OCF member at the wheel
9)  Photo down the hood behind another OCF member car

10)  Next to a Park Bench with you on the bench (think Forrest Gump)

**bonus** 10-15 second video of your car on the road

Full Instructions
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Featured Member
Featured Member

Sylvie N.



This 1970 Cutlass S Sedan belongs to Sylvie N and is a excellent example of a well preserved Cutlass.  This beauty is seen at just about every OCF club event.  


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